Louloux Soul

Louloux was established in 2005 by creating innovative shoes. Due to its authenticity and high quality, the shoe brand from southern Brazil has attracted thousands of loyal customers.

Sustainability met the brand along the way, and from this marriage a new way of making shoes emerged: the products are made by reusing leftover materials from the footwear industry. However, Louloux believes that sustainability is not only based on the reuse of material but also in the quality of life of those who work for that industry, and for this reason Louloux invests in the well-being of its labor.

Louloux operates as an itinerant brand, setting up temporary stores in major cities of Brazil throughout the year. In addition to this, Louloux’s products are always available through the online store at www.louloux.com.br Its first major store was established in 2013, and the brand's goal is to increasingly expand to be able to reach you.

]"Louloux" is a design studio which brings together a group of top-notch, committed, shoe artisans under the coordination of its top designer, Cristiano Bronzatto. It is the result of an evolving dream that - now in full motion - that of designing, making and marketing shoes that do not conform to trends set by others. Shoes that are easy on the senses, pleasant to the sight without ever being dull. Working with opposing concepts in culture and in art, while playfully experimenting with shapes and materials is what we hope will keep the Louloux trademark ever independent and new.
Cristiano Bronzatto introduces his special collection directed to the northern hemisphere - not one particularly inspired by the north, but rather by a Brazilian aesthetic that blends ideas and concepts without overemphasizing styles of either hemisphere.
While extrapolating from local elements and from the past and present, Cristiano transcends mere fashion trends. His irreverence and ironic distance from any one aesthetic is reflected in the boldness of line and in the combination of colors - at first sight perhaps incongruous - but colors contained somehow within flowing patterns, mounted on simple flats, or at times, contrasted against stark geometric heels - the whole brought into resolution in his wearable (yet comfortable) art for feet. Louloux, Cristiano's label, is sensitive to different cultural notions and plays with these notions just as - in the creation of a prototype - he experiments with contrasting shapes and varying materials, celebrating this diversity of elements and applying them to the design. Louloux shoes, therefore, tend to please both western and eastern eyes, to engage the spirit of northern and southern souls... without false modesty, Brazil designs and makes shoes for the World